Dark Riddle Classic

Dark Riddle is a gripping game related to the adventure genre with elements of thriller. Here you have to solve exciting puzzles, cope with riddles, and also learn many other interesting things. You will have to work hard to get to the bottom of it. Why all the trouble? Because you know that you won’t be able to sleep well until you understand the true motives of the strange person living next door. The creators introduced an interactive environment, unusual tasks, as well as the ability to follow the actions performed in the first person. You won’t notice the passage of time!

As you move through the story, you will directly interact with your neighbors. You have to do a lot of work to unravel all the secrets that are hidden by the mysterious man across the street. To start solving riddles, you need to sneak into his house first. Everything must be done discreetly because there are many traps scattered around the place. Your opponent isn’t a fool – he doesn’t want anyone to find out what he’s really up to and did everything to stop intruders that decide to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong.

All actions look very realistic, so even simply watching the process is a pleasure. Everything that happens on the screen is viewed from the first person, which is very convenient. The main goal is not to make guesses about the secrets waiting for you out there, but to get to the bottom of them. Follow the trail of clues, explore every room of the huge building and be careful not to attract the attention of the evil resident. Enjoy the thrilling gameplay and suspenseful atmosphere of Dark Riddle classic and see if you can discover the truth about your neighbor who seems so suspicious!

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5 Stars
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