Dealing with a dangerous and merciless enemy like a serial killer you’re up against in Dark Riddle is a risky task. Even the most careful and focused players might have to take multiple shots at it, being forced to pass the same particularly rough parts of the gameplay over and over again before they finally succeed. Sometimes it can only warm up your interest, but sometimes it can also be quite irritating. If you got stuck at some point and want to finally get through it or you simply wish to diversify your usual gaming experience with new capabilities and features, you can take advantage of our great Dark Riddle codes!

These cheats will completely changed the gameplay you are used to! Can’t seem to open a door that separates you from the room you need to get in? Don’t worry about finding the key or picking the lock – all you need to do is to enter the right code! The same can be done for any other object in the house. For instance, if you can’t discover the hidden passage or activate a lever, you don’t need to rake your brain about it anymore. Just use the respective cheat – and walk through the house freely!

When it comes to playing Dark Riddle, the most frustrating thing is to die just a few steps away from victory (even if you only thought so). Returning there, making all the way back from the beginning can really send your spirit down. Tired of dying and starting over? You don’t have to! Activating the immortality cheat will make you immune to the neighbor’s best efforts of killing you. By the way, now you don’t even have to be afraid of him because you can carry around a formidable weapon way better than those you can find at his place! Enjoy an expanded gameplay and discover a whole set of new, previously unavailable options with our incredible Dark Riddle codes that are waiting for you here, on this page!

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