Dark Riddle 2

This story starts when our hero moves to a new town. It looks so nice, calm and quiet. Neat houses, friendly people, unhurried pace of life… That’s just the kind of place everyone dreams of living at. The locals are all used to each other – they have been residing together for years. But you’re still new here, so you notice things that have become so common to them that they don’t even pay attention. And one of them is a strange house across the street… In Dark Riddle 2, you are about to get inside, explore the place thoroughly and find out what’s going on here!

As soon as you walk into the house, you must stay on your guard. This isn’t a usual building – somebody took great care to keep strangers out. All the doors are well locked and you’ll have to find keys to get into some rooms. Or, if you can’t do it – then use suitable objects as lock picks. Interaction with objects makes up an important part of the gameplay. There are tons of them scattered around and you can never known which of them will come in handy. So it’s advisable to keep a good stash of different stuff in your inventory as long as it fits. And even if you have to throw something out to make room for any other items, you’d better remember where you left it.

Moving through the place, you will gradually become more and more aware of what is happening. You’ll find clues and hints that will shed light on the dark things unfolding in this building. Drops of blood, an impressive collection of knives and hammers and other things that can barely be seen in normal homes will give you a pretty good idea that your neighbor must be a serial killer. By the way, taking some of the weapons you’re about to find with you might come in handy if you are caught in the act and need to protect yourself. Yes, there is a chance that your neighbor will walk in on you when you least expect it, so stay alert!

If things go too dangerous, remember that you can always get out and find shelter in your own home. Of course, you must watch out for the traps that are installed everywhere. It’s easy to get into them when you’re in a hurry to leave this terrible house. But don’t worry – even if you fail and the neighbor kills you, you will just wake up in your own bed again and start over. Only this time your opponent will remember everything you did before and it’s better to choose another strategy if you don’t want to get into the same trouble again. Good luck running your thrilling investigation!

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