Dark Riddle 3

There is something strange and ominous about this man… He looks so evil and unfriendly. He barely lives the house spending most of his time locked inside. It’s unknown what he is doing there, but occasionally you can hear groans and screams coming from his place. Nobody seems to notice anything suspicious. But since you live next door, you just can’t close your eyes to all these bizarre things. One night, you saw your neighbor carrying out a large bag. Why so large? What’s inside? Maybe a human body? You were too terrified to call the police, but since that moment, you knew something was definitely wrong! What are you going to do about it? If he’s a maniac, you can well be next! You need to take measures! So you decide to wait for your neighbor to go away and sneak in. That’s how your detective quest starts in Dark Riddle 3 – and if you aren’t careful enough, it can cause you your life!

The first thing you need to do is get into the house. That won’t be easy, because your neighbor is a cautious man. There are video cameras at every corner, all doors are firmly locked, and there are bars on the windows. It is worth being afraid of this man – you can almost feel the breath of death on your skin. You realize that once you step inside, there will be no way back. But what else can you do? Finally, you see an opportunity to bypass all the security systems put up by your neighbor and the only thing left is to move ahead. Pull your courage together and set foot into the building!

But remember that your quest is only starting! Inside there are plenty of puzzles for your to solve and traps to avoid. You aren’t coming up against some usual guy – this man must have something bad to hide if he protected his house so thoroughly. You must really watch your step if you don’t want to end up stuck here before he returns. Or maybe he didn’t go anywhere? You can’t be sure, so you need to move very quietly and carefully. Your goal is to stay unnoticed for as long as possible – that will give you enough time to search the house from top to bottom and figure out where your neighbor keeps the evidence of his dark deeds. Perhaps you’ll find torture instruments with blood on them or body parts stacked in the freezer. There is only one thing for sure – if your neighbor finds out you’re at his place, he won’t let you walk out of here alive! Are you ready to put your life at risk? If so, start playing Dark Riddle 3 and prepare for some grim discoveries!

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